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Imperial Assault Regionals Tournament

Imperial Assault Regionals Tournament

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Sat, 12pm, Admission, 296 in-stock


Star Wars Imperial Assault Regional Championships

Doors open at 9:00am for check-in.
First round fires at 10:00am
Entry Fee: $25.00

300 Player Cap (Really.)
Pre-Registration is available now. Payment is required on sign-up to ensure an accurate head count.
Call to sign-up or for other inquiries at 858) 549 - 4263

Prizes will include store credit awards based on entry as well as the official Fantasy Flight OP Kit:

Top 64 - The top sixty-four players will each receive a copy of the alternate art card for one of the biggest scoundrels in the galaxy - “Lando Calrissian”. 
Top 32 - The top thirty-two players will each receive a set of 5 Scum wound tracker cards. 
Top 8 - The top eight players will each receive a set of attack and defense dice to show off their prestige to their opponents.
Top 4 - The top four players will each receive printed acrylic point dial featuring the Trandoshan bounty hunter, Bossk.
First Place - The winner will receive a colored trophy depicting the Medal of Yavin and a first round bye to a 2017 Star Wars: Imperial Assault National Championship.

More information will be available as we get nearer to event date.